One Night With the Shifter

Title: One Night with the Shifter
Author: tammyrenh
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Word Count: 13,094
Warnings: abo elements explicit sex, mpreg
Prompt: A one-night stand with a werewolf has unexpected consequences. After he is exiled from his pack, Tyee Grayson must learn to make it on his own. But one night with a beautiful stranger who has luminous blue eyes changes everything…. Especially when his instincts shout that she is the one. All elementary school teacher Jessica Brierly wanted was a night on the wild side, but when she finds herself pregnant, all the rules change. Not only does her lover have more secrets than she ever imagined, but suddenly they're both fighting off vampires. When vampires attack the town she dearly loves, Ty must work with his old pack to save them from a ruthless enemy who could kill not only his mate and his unborn child – but the entire human race.

Summary: Exiled from his pack Alpha Jensen and his how-the-fuck-did-I-get-pregnant human mate Jared face their fears, their growing attraction and a few hundred vampires.


Summergen Fic - Fear Itself

This is my fic I wrote for Summergen - it's an outsider POV, Sam/Dean, slight language, little bit of fear. If you ever watched Buffy you might recognize the demon:

“Ma’am I’m sorry to bother you, do you mind if we ask you a few questions?” Joyce, who had been sitting on her haunches in front of the rose bush she had been pruning, looked up. And up. And up. And before she realized what was happening, she had toppled right over and landed on her butt. Awesome.

“Sorry,” the extremely tall guy with the dimples said to her as he offered her his hand.

“It’s not your fault, I am the clumsy one,” Joyce replied, trying to resist the urge to brush the dirt off her butt. Now that she was in a standing position; she could see that there were actually two tall guys in front of her. The one she had literally fallen for and his slightly shorter companion, who was still taller than her by a good 8 inches or so. For a moment or two she just stared at him, completely mesmerized by his astonishing green eyes. Beautiful.

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